What is Contra Dancing?

If Swing dancing and Square dancing met in a bar, you’d get Contra.

Contra dancing is a type of community folk dance. You’ll dance to live music with a partner, although bringing a partner is not necessary. Contra Dancing is a great way to meet new people!

Couples form parallel lines and, over the course of the dance, move up and down the dance floor, interacting with every other couple in their line. There is no fancy footwork involved – anyone can do it! Calling all of the dances from the stage, the Dance Caller teaches each dance before the music starts. As the dance progresses, the Dance Caller provides fewer and fewer prompts until, dropping out entirely, they allow you, your partner, and everyone else on the dance floor to finish the dance accompanied only by the exciting music!

New to Contra Dancing? We've written up some Tips for Beginners.

Still have questions? Maybe we've answered them in our FAQs.


1st and 3rd Fridays of every month, Fall, Winter, and Spring.

1st and 3rd Saturdays in the Summer.

Come Dance with Us!

Our next dance is our first CHALLENGING CONTRA DANCE! FRIDAY, MAY 27th at 8 PM. There will be a Advanced Lesson at 7:30PM. If you can easily follow our regular contras, you're ready to dance challenging ones!

We will be joined by caller NILS FREDLAND with music from DAVID SIDMAN'S ELASTIC BAND!

Unless otherwise noted, tickets are always available at the door. Advanced tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets until noon on the day of the event. $15 regular admission, $12 students.

Dances are held at Camp Friendship, 339 8th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Please bring clean, indoor, soft-soled dancing shoes. Outdoor shoes and heels are very hard on our floor and we ask that you leave them at the door.

We dance on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month during the fall, winter, and spring. In the summer, we dance on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. We also regularly throw special events. We try to list all of our upcoming dances in our Calendar. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a dance!