New to Contra Dancing? Read our Tips for Beginners first....

Q:  What kind of shoes should I wear?

A:  You should wear comfortable shoes with a soft and smooth sole.  For a first time dancer, a canvas sneaker, like Converse, Keds, or Toms should work fine.  We recommend that you do not wear heels.  Experienced dancers often purchase dance shoes with leather bottoms.  Bowling shoes are also a good option.

Q. What kind of clothes should I wear?

A: Anything lose fitting and comfortable.  Contra dancing is a phyisical activity so make sure you wear something that you can sweat in. Many women (and some men!) choose to wear skirts.  T-shirts and shorts are also very popular.

Q.  Do you need to have any experience?

A:  NOPE!  That’s what the beginner’s lesson is for.  Each and every Brooklyn Contra starts with a beginners lesson. Read our “for beginners” section for more on that.

Q: Do you need to bring a partner?

A: While Contra is danced with a partner, bringing a partner is not necessary, and most people come alone. It’s a great way to meet new people!

Q: Who runs Brooklyn Contra?

A: Brooklyn Contra is a volunteer run organization, which is administered by a Leadership Team with the assistance of Dance Volunteers.

1. The Leadership Team commits to at least one year of service to Brooklyn Contra, and they do any thing from managing Brooklyn Contra’s social media presence, balancing the finances, and booking the dance hall, bands and callers.

2. Volunteers help out on a dance by dance basis by helping us set-up/take down the dance and assisting with admissions and refreshments. Our volunteers work just one-half of the dance and are granted FREE admission on the night in which they volunteer.